Friday, July 21, 2017

Shunt Procedure

This morning began with a meeting with the neurosurgeon to discuss our questions for the need of the shunt. Going into a consult room to look over the scans from Thursday afternoon, once again, we sat down and were once again given the opportunity to ask any questions we had and to get further clarification on the process, and any concerns we had of the long term placement of the shunt.

After talking for almost an hour, we had further clarification of Cydney's need for a shunt. Her brain was not absorbing the fluid she was producing as it should. Scans showed the fluid on the outside of the brain. A programmable shunt would be inserted into the back right side of Cyndey's head with a catheter entered into a ventricle in the brain as well as a catheter that will run down the neck, down chest and into stomach for drainage. Cydney will face a lifetime of follow on MRI's to ensure the shunt is effective and placement remains correct. At first it will be every 3 months for a year, then every 6 months for 2-3 years, and then yearly after that; as long as no issues arise.

The procedure was said to last 2 hours. Cydney had already been taken downstairs to pre-op while we talked to the doctor. After we were finished our discussion, she escorted us to where Cydney was waiting. At this time we met with the anesthesiologist and  discussed any drugs that would be used and she reviewed Cydney's history with the past surgeries and the complications that she had. We were assured there was minimal risk to having those issues again, and that they are aware of them to keep an eye on her. Following the Shunt placement the Lumbar puncture would be done. We would once again be getting hourly updates. Time to pace and wait, again. This time it was not as nerve wracking or anxiety ridden. Time seemed to pass quickly and before we knew it we got a call saying the procedure was complete and we could be with doctor for a debrief.

Making our way to the surgery waiting room a sense of relief set in.  Meeting with the doctor further eased the anxiety as she was explaining the procedure and how there was evident pressure in the brain. The shunt was the right path to take.

Next we were sent back up to PICU to wait Cydney's return. She was already getting set up in her room, we waited in the waiting area for the doctors to come get us.  Cydney was in visible pain when we got to the room, crying out loud. We held her the best we could, gave kisses and talked to her in attempt to calm her down. Cydney was eventually given Morphine to ease the pain. Once this set in she was able to rest and continued to rest all day.

Cydney  will remain in the PICU until at least Monday. We are hoping to be able to talk with Oncology Monday for a treatment plan. To think we are three weeks in and we have not even begun to approach the cancer treatment is mentally draining.

I am excited to see Cydney's mood tomorrow morning. To see if the shunt's relieving pressure improves her moods in the mornings. The small amount of time I did see her eyes open today, they looked brighter than in the last few days. Ready for the smiles and bright eyes to be an everyday thing.

Cydney amazes me with her strength and determination everyday.

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