Monday, July 24, 2017

Battling Frustrations

After having  rough night of sleep, we woke up to a new parade of doctors coming in to introduce themselves and talk to us about their plan for us. There is some confusion on how long we will be on this current floor. Some say we are her for a week, some feel we could leave tomorrow. My understand was we were here until we talk to Oncology and get their plan. Since we have yet to hear from them, we will have to track them down.

Emotions ran high today. Cydney was battling some frustration. I can only imagine how hard it is for her to not be able to communicate with us. She has to be screaming on the inside what it is she wants or needs and has no way to express that to us. At one point today I sat in bed and just held her while she cried in my arms. She cried, I cried and we let the emotions out! I want to help her and fix all of this, I can't and that breaks my heart. After our moment we got it together and prepared for Physical Therapy.

She is working so hard and showing a lot of courage. She got a little worked up and overtired during Occupational Therapy today and had to stop early. Once we got her calmed back down, she enjoyed some time  in the playroom with Nathan and Lily and our friend Drew.

Today was a hard day emotionally. We know we will have these days and we have to allow ourselves the breakdown. As long as we come back from those breakdowns and conquer the goals for the day we are doing alright.  Supporting her through these days are just as important if not more so than the really good days. It is a long road ahead and to expect a 7, almost 8, year old to just accept what is happening is not realistic.

Tomorrow we hope for a better day.

Thank You Aunt Judy! We needed this today! 

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