Saturday, July 29, 2017

Moving forward

Friday morning Cydney was preparing for a transport to Mayo Clinic for her radiation planning session . She was to be fitted for a mask and a bed positioned for her to be in proper alignment with the radiation beams. Due to once again needing sedation, she was put on NPO status once more. We then waited for a time for an ambulance to arrive to provide the transportation. 

Once she was in the ambulance, I left to go back home to Tucson with Nathan and Lily. I wanted to get Nathan back home to prepare for starting school in a week. Jared is staying with Cydney and then we will decide how often we rotate who is in Phoenix.

Walking back into the house was hard, seeing Cydney's shoes by the front door and things around the house set in realization she will not be home for a while. Pictures she has drawn and books she was reading sitting out waiting for her to return to them. I had to busy myself with getting the others settled in and fed, bathed and into bed.

Later that night around 10:30pm Jared called to let me know that Cydney was not responding as usual, had a tense body and was shifting her eyes to her right side. The doctors and nurses were attending to her and working to determine the cause of her sudden change. Her Heart Rate and Blood Pressure were high. I got update phone calls every 20 minutes or so. The doctors determined she may be having seizures and put her on Keppra. They also felt dehydration was an issue and immediately began water and fluids.

It was a long night of observing her and not much rest for either Jared or Cydney.

Saturday she was able to get some rest and participate in her therapies.

Back in Tucson, I took the kids to Nathan's Kindergarten welcome party and met his new classmates as well as reuniting with friends from preschool. It was nice to see Nathan so happy and excited to be at school again. Had a small breakdown when one of the other moms there who also had a kid in Cydney's class began asking how our summer was going and which teacher Cydney had this year. She obviously did not know what has been going on and was shocked when I filled her in. I tried my hardest to keep it together but as the words  "Brain Tumor" left my mouth I got choked up. We got Nathan all signed in and I tried to get him to go play as we made our way thorough the room. We met up with his friends' moms and it was very hard to keep my composure. I had to gather myself for his sake and encourage him to get involved in the activities set up. Once we occupied ourselves with those it was easier to have some distraction.

The kids are happy to be back in their home, although Nathan asks when can Drew, Chloe, KK and Zeke come over because he needs to show them his Legos and things in his room.

These next couple of weeks will be adjusting to our new normal, at least for the next few months.

Thank you for to continued messages of thoughts, prayers and offers of support! They do not go unnoticed and as we find things we would like or need help with we are reaching out.


  1. ❤️❤️ Strong & Brave! ❤️❤️

  2. Continually praying for your entire family and all those involved in her care. Hugs

  3. I cannot wrap my mind around what your family is going throgh. Keeping up with everything you've responded with such strength, grace, & balance. Your family is in our thoughts & prayers continously. Sending love & positive thoughts your way, friend.

  4. Beckett was in class with Cydney last year, and we want you to know we're thinking of you and praying for your whole family and ready to help however we can. Beckett's dad was military, and we know you probably have community all over the globe, but right now, right here, if you need help with things like getting your kindergartener to school, please message me at Strength to you!