Sunday, July 10, 2011


We have been back in the USA for almost two weeks now. The first couple of nights were spent in Salt Lake City, before we began the drive to Vegas. Once we arrived in Salt Lake, we began car shopping for my car. We had an idea of what car we were looking for, just needed to find a dealer with the right price. After a day of shopping we found one and came home with a 2011 Ford Edge. We are both very happy with the purchase and it is nice to have a car with all the bells and whistles.

The next item on our agenda was getting to Vegas and getting into the apartment. I had found one online a few weeks prior to leaving Misawa and got our name on a temporary lease, all we had to do was show up, look at it to make sure that is what we wanted and sign the lease. Everything with that went pretty smooth. Turns out the person I talked to on the phone quoted me a 12 month rent price, when we informed them that we would only be needing the apartment for 6 months the price almost doubled!! After some talking behind closed doors the apartment manager agreed to rent the apartment to us for the lower price.

Getting settled into the apartment and living back in the US, has been an experience. Since arriving we have purchased two cars, rented an apartment, bought beds, and other small things needed to get by until our stuff we sent from Japan arrives. Living on minimal furniture and household items can be a challenge. Cooking dinner is probably the most challenging. Cooking with plastic utensils is not very easy.

Upon arriving in the US I saw a news article about an F-16 that had crashed in Vegas a few hours before. Knowing quite a few pilots in Vegas, the worry set in that this was someone we knew. Then the search for information started. While news media had not released information on the identity of the pilot, the community is small and word travels fast once family is notified. Our arrival in Vegas began with heavy hearts. We learned that we knew the pilot who had crashed . Jared was stationed with him in Korea a few years back and was happy to hear they would be together again in this Weapons School Class. We had been looking forward to reuniting with him and getting to know his wife and child. Prayers to his wife and daughter and family during this tough time.

Jared is staying busy with class during the week and on Sunday's. We make sure to make the most of our Saturday's as family days. We also learned that Jared will once again miss Cydney's Birthday, due to a TDY. This year we are looking forward to Grandparents and Aunts celebrating with us, and we will also celebrate early with Jared before he leaves.

Cydney and I are finding plenty to do to keep us busy. We have connected with some of the other wives/kids out here and are getting together for play dates, gymnastics classes, and pool time. I am happy to be in the HOT weather, enjoying being outside and spending time with Cydney in the pool. She is not a big fan of the water just yet, she is content sitting in the kiddie section. We are slowly getting her used to coming out into the deeper sections with us.

Some of the things Cydney has been up to and learning the last few weeks:
*She can count to 14 on her own (when she is in the mood :))
*Constantly calling out letters as she sees them on buildings and signs
*Likes to practice writing letters
*Her new favorite book is "Monkey George" (Curious Geroge)
*She has moved into a big bed, and is doing well. No falling out and seems to be sleeping better.
*She is beginning to show some interest in the potty. Still gets a little scared when she actually sits on it, but will ask to do so throughout the day.
*Her favorite songs are ABC's, Patty Cake, and Ring around the Rosie
*Favorite foods are Crab, pizza, cheese, yogurt, cheerios, pancakes, rice, strawberries, and blueberries.
*Like to pretend talk on the phone to anyone. Anything is a phone these days (remotes, blocks, old phones). She likes to call and talk to Daddy, asking where he is and where did he go.
*Loves having an empty living room to run around in.
*Scared of spiders or anything that may be a spider (Fuzz, dirt ?).
*Does not like being dirty or getting her hands dirty. She will wipe up spills or ask for napkins anytime she has food on her hands.
*Follows us around shutting doors behind us. Always reminding me that I left a door open.

I can't believe she will be two in just a few short weeks. Time has flown by! She amazes me everyday and we are so lucky to have such a sweet, smart and loving little girl.

Until next time,