Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking forward to Fall

As the summer is winding down and the temperatures start to drop below the mid/teen hundreds we are beginning to look forward to fall. A few weeks ago Cydney started taking gymnastics, something she looks forward to each week. It has seemed to give her more confidence in doing things on her own and without me having to be right next to her. Her favorite event is the balance beam, as soon as we walk into the gym she is ready to get on the high beam and walk back and forth. She does a great job listening to the instructor give directions and taking her turn. She gets upset when it is time to leave and asks daily if she can go to gymnastics.

One of her other favorite activities to do is to walk to the park, she asks to go pretty much every morning. Now I have no excuse to get out for a little morning walk/jog. This fall is shaping up to be fun and busy. With a trip home to Tulsa for a week, followed by a trip to San Diego in October and more fun playgroup activities to new places in Vegas we want to check out before leaving. Cydney was also asked to be a flower girl in her Aunts wedding in December, now we are on a dress hunt. I can't wait to see her all dressed up and hope she does well and cooperates. We are also looking forward to some much needed time off once Jared is finished with Weapons School. It has been over two years since we took a vacation!

I have been working on her Halloween Costume. I had been wanting to do Boo (from Monsters Inc) and found a picture online and a blog post with instructions on how to sew the costume. I have never sewed anything before, so I bought a sewing machine and took a hack at it. I don't think it turned out too bad, there are still a few adjustments to do, but it is pretty much finished.

Now that I have got this sewing thing started I am excited to get to our next assignment and start learning how to make curtains, pillow cases, etc for decorating the house.

Until next time,