Monday, May 12, 2014

Flight Suits and Tulip Festival

Flight Suits:

Tulip Festival:


Welcoming Daddy Home

Easter evening Jared returned home from his deployment. I surprised the kids with his return, by not telling them he was coming home until we got to the flight line. We arrived in time to see the jets come in and welcome those pilots home, then waited for our turn.  Cydney was very excited to see her daddy, the three hour wait was almost unbearable.  Nathan was all smiles once he was in Daddy's arms again.

Tired of waiting! How much longer?!

I really like recording the kids reactions in moments like this. There were so many pilots around in their green flight suits, Cydney could not pick Jared out until he was right in front of her. 
We are happy to have Jared home and enjoyed two full weeks of him off work to spend time as a family.