Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home Improvements

We have been busy with home improvement projects the last week.  There were a few things we wanted Jared to get done before he left on his deployment, such as painting the garage, building shelving for the storage room in the basement and installing a water softener.  He took a week off work and advantage of nice weather to complete these projects before leaving. 

The garage project was a big undertaking and took him about 4 days to prime and paint the garage.  We are really happy with the outcome  and think the garage looks much better.



In order to finish unpacking and organizing we needed more shelving, so Jared built some to put into the "cold storage" room in the basement. Nice work! He was pretty excited about the new tools he needed to buy in order to complete the projects. 

Now I can officially say we are unpacked! YAY!!
We also celebrated his 30th Birthday! Just the three of us. Cydney decorated him a cake and we ate a nice home cooked Thai meal.