Sunday, July 23, 2017

Moving Day!!!

We moved out of PICU today!

This morning around 6 the doctors all started coming in to do their assessments on Cydney and to clear her for the move to a general floor. There we no less than 6 doctors that came in and checked vitals, responses and talked to me about their being confident she was ready to leave the ICU. I was thrilled, feels good to feel like we are moving forward. By 10 am during rounds everyone was on the same page and the order was put in for her to be transferred. Waiting on paperwork and a bed to be ready upstairs took a few hours and by 3pm there were ready for her.

We loaded up her bed, a wagon and her wheelchair with everything we have accumulated in the last 24 days. It looked like a parade float going down the hall.

I was pleased to see we still have a view of the Fire Department and their message of Hope.

When asked how long we anticipate staying on this floor, I was told it is up to oncology now and what treatment plan they put in place. We are told they were waiting on the results of the genetic testing as well as the CSF labs they took yesterday during the Lumbar Puncture. We have preliminary been told by the Neurosurgeon that the test came back showing NO signs of malignant cells. I will wait for official word from Oncology, before shouting from the roof tops.

Today was very relaxed and with minimal interruptions, only 20 or so. No therapies today. Tomorrow starts the hard work again. I am anxious to see the improvements she makes now that we can concentrate on getting better instead of stabilizing and preventing problems.

Teams of Doctors we work with:
Neurology, Oncology, Nephrology, Hematology, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.  So many doctors! Everyone has been excellent  and very open to explaining anything we do not understand over and over again until we do.

Cydney remains in good spirits most of the day. She is a little cranky in the mornings before she gets her breakfast feeding and if she is bothered by the doctors and nurses too much. She growls at the Neurosurgeon any time she walks in. It is kind of humorous and teases the doctors when they try to do their assessments by closing her eyes to avoid the bright light. So happy to see she still has a sense of humor and stubbornness.

Tomorrow she will have her 13th MRI done to confirm placement of shunt and catheters. It is what they call a "one bang" so no sedation required.

Biggest Teddy Bear in the World! She loves it though.

      Waiting to be moved upstairs.

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