Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowing in Misawa

The snow has started to fall in Misawa. Cydney took her first trip out in snow since last year. She is now able to walk through the snow (sort of). She doesn't know what to think of it yet, doesn't like it hitting her in the face.

We are finally getting adjusted back to Japan time. Took a few weeks and Cydney still wakes up throughout the night.

We are going to be in Japan until this summer. Jared was not picked up for Weapons School this round. He has applied for the next class (starts in July). For now he will be returning to the desert with his squadron. Cydney and I will miss him alot and I know he will be missing us. We are looking forward to another trip home for a few weeks to break up the next few months.

Until next time.