Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back to ICU

Saturday night around 11pm Jared called and said Cyndey had thrown up and was beginning to act different and unresponsive to him again. She was ordered a head CT and came back from that around 1am. She then had a massive seizure! Wish resulted in her being intubatedated and rushed back to the PICU. I had been getting update calls from him every 15 minutes, then when she was being taken back to PICU told me I should come back to Phoenix. 

I called a neighbor to come sit with the kids and to be with them for the time being until we knew more of what was going on.  

By 230 am I was on the road to Phoenix. The longest 2 hour drive, that seemed to pass in an instant.  

I arrived back to PCH and made it up to the ICU. Seeing her back in the bed, hooked up to all those machines again was gut wrenching. I walked in and held her hand, telling her I was here and to hang in there. Gave Jared a hug and exhaled finally. 

Today was spent waiting for doctors to decide on whether she needed another MRI or not. In the end after talking with them and reviewing MRI ad CT scans from days past we decided there was not a need for one today.  Ventricles were an appropriate size, no evidence of excess fluid around brain or of a shunt problem. 

It was debated and decided to keep her intubated for the night, hooked up to EEG, and on sedatives to give her a night to rest after the last two days of not much rest.  

It is scary to see your child in this position and to not be able to help them. 

There are no answers to why she is having the seizures or what causes them. She remains on Keppra for the time being. 

Hoping and praying all goes smooth tonight! Thank you again for the continued support!



  1. Sending you all our love, Cydney!

  2. She has relatives she doesn't even know who are praying for her...and that's most of Tennessee! Hang in there sweet Cydney!

  3. I keep checking this page and hope and pray for those continued little baby steps of progress. This storm will not calm, but you and Jared together will find the strength to get through it. We are thousands of miles away but you, Cyd and your whole family are always in our hearts!