Friday, August 11, 2017

Week One Complete

The first week of radiation treatments is done. Cydney did well with the treatments has powered through therapies each day.

Riding in the ambulance after her radiation treatment. 

Today she also had a G-tube placed. This will replace the NG-tube in the nose. She looks more comfortable with the nose tube out. She is not feeling that well, due to not having been fed since midnight. With the radiation treatments and the following procedure she has been NPO since then. We are getting her fluids in the mean time and going to get feeds started again at 8pm. I think she will be much happier once this happens and will then be able to get some sleep.

During physical therapy she is working on holding up her head and trunk control, stretching limbs and getting range of motion back. Occupational Therapy is working on getting her arm and hand movements to be controlled and consistent. Speech Therapy works on swallowing and facial movements. It has been and will be a long slow process.

Hopefully we are done with procedures for a while and can concentrate on getting a consistent feeding schedule that keeps her nourished, happy and thriving. We will be starting to provide her with a whole food feeding tube formula called Liquid Hope. It is not provided by the hospital so we will be supplying that for her and working with insurance to get the coverage.

Looking forward to a low key weekend with some therapies and lots of rest for Cydney.

Week two of radiation with include her first dose of the Chemo drug Vincristine.

Cydney enjoys her visits from the Therapy Dogs.
Meeting Napa

Meeting Rosie at Mayo Clinic
We keep the encouragement coming for Cydney, continuously explaining to her what is going on and why she is having to relearn all the things she knew how to do. It is hard to see her struggle and become frustrated. Seeing her smiles and laughs make the hard times easier to face. She enjoys watching old videos of herself, Nathan and Lily. We have even dug out some old baby videos of her just learning to talk and walk. She gets a good laugh out of those.

Thank you for the continued support and messages of encouragement.

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  1. Bless all of your hearts!!!! My family and church will be continuing to pray for strength for all of you and healing for Cydney. God Bless!!!!!