Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Let's try this again

Cydney was released from ICU for the second time today. We are back to a general care floor in transition and while we wait for a bed to be available in the rehab unit

There have been no signs of seizure activity in the past two days. The EEG came back clear and she has not shown any of the behaviors or vital signs she was having prior to the two seizures.  Her medication is doing its job.

She participated in therapies today and even got back into her wheelchair for a walk around the unit. She is back to laughing and giving big smiles when she is happy, and cries when she is sad or uncomfortable with something.

Most of the day was spent waiting for her bed to be ready on the new floor.  Lots of waiting....

Her formula has been changed to a closer to pure food/blenderized food option, which she seems to be handeling well.  Wakes up with no apparent belly discomfort or crankiness.

We are looking forward to continuing making small improvements each day and gaining strength along the way.


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  1. Small, careful steps. Sounds like progress to me!