Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy Birthday!!! and First Day of School

Today Cyndey turns 8!

8 years ago we became parents! Bringing a baby into this world, while stationed in Misawa Japan.  It has been a fun, exciting and sometimes exhausting journey.

She had a good day being celebrated by the nursing staff, Child Life Specialists and other medical teams she has been seeing this past month.

Grammy and Aunt Jo also arrived today to shower Cyndey with affection. She is anxioulsy awaiting Pop Pop and Aunt Cait coming in tomorrow.

Today was also the First Day of School! It was a day the emotions took over. 

 Waking Nathan and seeing his nervous excitment, to seeing Cydneys desk in the classroom, it was all to much to take in.  I was happy for Nathan and excited for him to begin his school year as normal as possible.  

We woke up had breakfast, searched for just the right shirt because the one he chose the night before was no longer a good choice 😀, packed his lunch and hurried out the door to ensure we could get a parking spot in the ever crowded parking lot.  

On the way to school he adamantly reminded me he would ride the bus tomorrow, was only letting me take him so I could meet the teacher.  We shall see how that goes in the morning.  

Once there, more excitement set in and he lead me to his classroom, reciting the room number the whole way.  After getting him settled into the classroom and talking with the teacher I headed to Cydney' s classroom.  

I knew it would not be easy, but I wanted to introduce myself to her teacher. As I entered the room, no one else was there, other than her teacher Mrs. Mo. All the kids were still in the hallway with their parents saying goodbyes. I introduced myself and saw her desk, and then the waterworks turned on. 

Her teacher and I discussed ways to include Cyndey in classroom activities. She is having the class make birthday cards for Cydney and a counselor is ready to talk to the class as they have questions regarding her absence and situation.

It was heartwarming to see they are all still thinking about her and want her to be involved as much as possible.

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