Monday, August 7, 2017

First Day of radiation treatments

Bright and early we were up preparing for transport to Mayo Clinic for the first day of radiation.  Cydney was very sleepy this morning, but in a good mood. Every week Monday-Friday will be pretty much the same routine. For the next 7 weeks. With radiation at Mayo and then back to Phoenix Childrens for therapies.

We waited in a pre-op room for about an hour before the anithesisologist came in to talk about the process and get a check up on Cydney.  From there she wad wheeled into another prep room where we gave our hugs and kisses before they administer the sedative and place her in her radiation bed.

We waited for almost 2 hours before we were told she was done with today's session and on her way to recovery where we could go sit with her. Once she was awake they prepared to transport her back the Phoenix Children's.

Once back to the hospital she was assessed by the nurses and cleared to begin her physical therapy session. She was not happy at all and cried the whole time! She went down to the rehab gym and played with some toys to help her use her hands to manipulate buttons and switches.  She was not happy, but she participated and completed what the therapist asked of her.  There was lots of praise for her, especially as she was holding her head up really well and engaging the core to pull herself forward as she sat on the treatment table.

She was allowed an hour break to get a feed started before occupational therapy would come by. Followed by speech therapy.

We also saw the bell. A goal! To be ringing this bell as loud and as hard as she can at the end of treatments. Right now that goal seems so far away. We must keep focus and think positive as we support her towards this goal.

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  1. Hi Hobo family. I'm Fatso's wife, Alicia, and I just spent some time reading and catching up with the news. I'd love to extend my help in any way possible. I homeschool my kiddos so I can be pretty flexible and accommodating. I hear there is already a meal train in the works so I'll cross that off the list of possibilities and will look for that in the near future. I am no stranger to staying on the oh so comfortable hospital couches that really aren't meant for sleeping as there is just too much to keep us parents up.