Monday, February 6, 2012

Making the most of TLF life...

Since arriving in Utah we have been living in the Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF). Thirty plus days in a small one bedroom suite can take it's toll on patience, especially with a toddler.  We have done our best to keep Cydney entertained both in and out of the room.  We have found tons of kid friendly activities and places to play.  Cydney especially loves going to the Treehouse Museum to explore, play dress up and play musical instruments; and the Classic Fun Center to skate, bounce, and climb. 

In the room she has found a few ways to keep herself entertained when it has been too cold to be outside.

Doing somersaults on her bed.
Jumping on the bed.

Building a tent in the bedroom to play with stuffed toys.
Creating a tunnel under the pull out sofa bed.

Making costumes out of paper bags.

 "Hmm, what can I be?"
 "I'm a robot!"

The most fun of all is being about to go outside,
to run up and down the hill.
Play with sticks and pine cones,

or run through the snow.

This week we are closing on our house and hope to be able to move in on Saturday, although the current owners have until Monday morning to turn over possession.  They have been great working with us to make this process move as fast as possible, we are closing a week earlier than previously contracted.  Yay!!  We are all excited to finally be able to get settled into our new home and get things ready for baby number two.  

(Inside pictures of the house to follow as we begin the move in process.)

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