Wednesday, February 15, 2012

24 Weeks! It's a.....

Went in for my 24 week checkup on Monday and to meet my new doctor. All is going well with baby, growing right on track and very active.  I have been feeling great, trying not to push it too much getting moved in and everything unpacked.  

Today we went in for the anatomy scan and gender reveal.  Cydney was able to go as well, she was very interested in watching the screen as the doctor performed the Ultrasound.  We asked Cydney if she could see the baby, she responded "No it's a monster."  Getting started name calling already!

So the big news everyone has been waiting.  We are having a.....


We are very excited and happy to be adding a boy to the family.  

Cydney is having a lot of fun in the new house, opening all her toys and books have been very exciting for her.  She recently found and pair of earplugs and some stickers and immediately put them in.  She wore these around the house most of the day yesterday.

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