Friday, May 17, 2013

Oklahoma Trip

Our time in Oklahoma was also very busy as we squeezed in a Baptism, Aquarium and Zoo Trips and a couple Birthday Celebrations.  Along with getting some much needed family time, we were able to introduce Nathan to all his Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.  It was great seeing everyone again, hope to make another trip home soon.  
Nathan's Baptism:
We are blessed to be able to have Nathan baptized while at home with family and friends. Thank you to Adrien for being his Godmother, we are happy you were able to join us this day as well.  Thank you to Father Bryan and the Church of the Madalene for accommodating our vacation plans and giving us this opportunity

Oklahoma Aquarium:
 Touching the starfish

 Checking out the eel

 Saying Hi to the Catfish

 Look Mom! A Big Fish!

 Reaching for the Sharks

Fishing with Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill
Cydney's first fishing experience. She loved fishing and did a really good job catching all those fish in the stocked pond :)  

Birthday Celebrations:
Since we would not be in OK for Nathan's actual birthday we decided to celebrate a few weeks early. We are happy he was able to celebrate with family on his special day(s). There were two celebrations one with my moms side and one with dad's sideThank you to all who were able to join us. He loved the cake and had no problem digging in.
 Is that for me? 

 Cake made by Jared, Good Job Daddy!  

 Not a fan of us singing Happy Birthday, he just wants the cake! 

 Tulsa Zoo:
Our last day in Tulsa we took advantage of the nice weather by taking a trip to the Zoo. Cydney loves going to the zoo to see all the animals, talking about what they like to eat, sounds they make, habitats they live in and searching for Lions, Tigers and Bears.

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