Friday, January 18, 2013

Building snow castles and making snow ice cream

Winter has arrived in UT, therefore it is time to enjoy snow building, skiing/snowboarding, sledding.  A couple of weeks ago it snowed at least 9 inches, Cydney was very excited to wake up and see all the snow on the ground.  We could not get her dressed fast enough to go out and play. Jared and her went out first to build a snow castle and slide.

After about and hour outside we suggested that Cydney come in and warm up a little, she was hesitant at first, wanting to play more.  She finally decided she was tired, cold and ready to make Snow Ice Cream, which we had been talking about making. She was excited to eat some Ice Cream, gobbling it up quickly before it melted.


Cydney loves the snow and would play outside in it all day, if we would let her.  After some lunch and a nap it was my turn to take her out and play.  Staying out until the sun went down! I was able to get her in with the promise of a nice warm dinner and a warm bath. 

We are hoping to get to the ski resorts sometime this season to try out the skiing and snowboarding.  Hopefully Jared and I don't hurt ourselves in the process, it has been a few years since we have been on the mountains. More on that adventure when and if it actually happens.

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