Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome Fall

The weather has started to cool down and we are welcoming Fall with open arms.  A couple of weekends ago we went to the Dinosaur Park with some new friends from the squadron. Cydney enjoyed walking around to see the dinosaur sculptures spread throughout the park, playing in the sand pit digging for fossils as well as hearing the dinosaurs roar and move. This is now on Cydney list of favorite places to go. 

 We also took the kids to the Circus. Cydney was so excited and happy the whole night. She kept saying, "WOW!! Did you see that!" to Jared and I.  Cydney did not stop talking about it for two days. Now she keeps asking when we can go back to the Circus. 

This weekend we went to Black Island Farms, just a few miles from our house, to see what they had set up for the Fall Harvest Festival.  We spent most of our time watching Cydney run, climb and play on the slides, swings and hay stacks.  We then took a walk through the kiddie corn maze followed by a hay ride out to the Pumpkin Patch to pick our pumpkins to bring home. 

 Nathan is getting big so fast! He has started rolling over, eating rice cereal and is always babbling or squealing his high pitched squeal. This past week he has started trying to get up on all fours and figure out the whole crawling thing.  I don't think I am ready for that :) 

He is a very happy baby and loves to watch Cydney run around and play. He thinks she is hilarious when she is jumping the hopscotch outside.  Baby giggles are one of the best sounds in the world. I love hearing Nathan and Cydney laugh together.  Cydney is an awesome big sister and is already telling Nathan everything he will learn from her when he is bigger. 

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