Saturday, July 14, 2012

Elmo Live

 We surprised Cydney with going to see Elmo Friday night.  The Sesame Street/USO organizations held a free show for military families this weekend.  Cydney got extremely happy and excited as we drove into the parking lot where she saw the big bus and semi with Elmo and characters on the side. 

Counting down to Elmo

 Loving the show. She danced in the aisle the whole time and even ran up to them as they would come off the stage to interact with the audience. 

 Bye Elmo! 

During the final song kids were encouraged to come up to the front of the stage to shake hands with the characters.  Cydney was very excited about this and tried to sneak up the stage steps. She wanted to be up there dancing with them.  I think she would have been just as happy to have a meet and greet of the characters without a show.

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