Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter weekend was spent hanging out with "Crazy" Aunt Jo. Jared jokingly called Jo this one time and for Cydney it has stuck.  When we met Jo at the Airport, Cydney was so excited to see "Crazy" Aunt Jo and called her that all weekend. 

Jo came to visit us for the weekend since Jared is gone for a few weeks. We went on a couple egg hunts, did some shopping and unfortunately Cydney came down with a cold. Cydney had fun spending time with Jo and is now looking forward to Grammy, PopPop and Aunt Cait to visit this weekend. 

 Enjoying the nice weather with a picnic in the park

 Hunting eggs in the back yard

Egg hunt on base.

Baby boy is doing great! Still no name, have a few in mind though.  Growing right on track and moving around a lot!  I go for another ultrasound in two weeks, excited to see him again. Things are pretty much ready for his arrival in approximately 7 1/2 weeks. This pregnancy has really gone by fast and I am thankful for no problems or concerns. 

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